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We promote lifestyle health, treating the whole body as a complex organism in which the various systems do not function independently but rather are intricately influenced by one another. The body, if given everything it needs, will heal itself.

"Our practice is our ministry."

 Dr. Leland Wear  





Dr. Wear typically performs traditional manual manipulations of the spine and extremities. When circumstances warrant, he is also proficient in using drop table, flexion/distraction, and/or activator to perform necessary adjustments. Here at A Natural Touch Chiropractic, we also utilize various therapies such as electric stimulation, ultrasound or intersegmental traction in conjunction with the adjustment, to help facilitate the healing process. The Doc, a former massage therapist, also incorporates soft tissue manipulation (massage) into his treatments. His bachelors degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science enables him to effectively prescribe therapeutic exercises to further assist you in your journey to optimal health.

What to expect your first visit:


Rock Blades is an instrument assisted soft tissue treatment that increases circulation of lymph and blood, and stimulates dysfunctional muscles. This works well in conjunction with Rock Tape which in addition to supporting structures, also stimulates muscles and increases circulation for up to seven days after it is applied. These modalities are used to treat muscle strains, inflammation and joint sprains.



The human body is a compilation of intricate systems that work together to promote optimal health.  Dr. Leland Wear understands that nutrition plays a key role in health.  He is committed in working with each patient to find a nutrition plan that facilitates healing in his/her body. 


This unique perspective on healthcare, eliminates following standard procedures for named diseases and instead focuses on dysfunctions in the various systems of the body. By treating these dysfunctions he is able to alleviate the symptoms and facilitate optimal health. 



Dr. Wear is one of the finest chiropractors I’ve ever used. He is able to adjust and keep me walking without pain. He takes time and listens to his patients. I highly recommend him! He’s the best!

LaRayne H.

Cleveland, TN

The staff were excellent. Very professional. Leland Wear DC is very thorough and excellent at what he does. Best chiropractor in town

Richie H.

Cleveland, TN

Friendly staff, clean office, caring and helpful Doctor. Highly recommend!

Joy L.

Cleveland, TN

So grateful for a knowledgeable and trustworthy chiropractic doctor!

Sandie L.

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I had suffered with pain in my arm for months. After just a few adjustments I have been pain free for months thanks to Dr. Wear. Dr. Wear is a wonderful Christian doctor that is professional, kind, and cares about his patients.

John W.

McDonald, TN

Dr Wear takes the whole person into consideration when deciding how best to treat. And takes time to listen to his patients.

Bethany T.

Our family loves Dr. Wear! He really cares about making sure he addresses the core of the problem! He is caring and compassionate! I trust him completely!

Paula F.

Cleveland, TN

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755 Broad Street Northwest

Cleveland, TN 37311

Tel: 423 - 473 - 3680

Monday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday 8:00am - 6:00pm

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